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Coding & Robotics for Kids


A piece of code is written on a computer with a coding language on
a coding platform, the set of instructions will then be given to the
robot either through an external device or by connecting the robot to

the computer, the robot must then execute the instructions given

through the first piece of written code. 

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Why choose Stimu-Zone

  • Locally compiled for South-Africa’s educational needs and requirements
  • We are a 1 stop service supplier
  • CODING / Programming & ROBOTICS is our FLAGSHIP product with
    AMAZING results and enjoyments.
  • We believe that through “CODING we empower learners to think and solve
    challenges in a creative way and will become the new digital literacy”
  • Our Programs are essential for exposure to STEM
    (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
  • Robotics is the next logical step to apply the knowledge obtained
    by coding

The benefits of coding for kids

Kids who learn coding and programming logic are better problem solvers, have stronger analytical reasoning skills, and become more involved, inquisitive learners and have a drive to construct knowledge. It’s also a STEM ((science, technology, engineering and mathematics) discipline, one that teaches kids how the internet works, how many systems they rely on function. It’s also a skill critical for a global economy driven by technology.


Stimu-Zone Vision

  • To deliver ultimate service
  • To be client orientated
  • To incorporate the newest technological hardware possible
  • To stay on top of current educational standards
  • To develop our syllabus to keep up with technological growth and change
A Word

From Our CEO

“Numerous studies have demonstrated that the reason why kids should learn robotics is that robotics can help students learn important academic skills. Such as writing, reading, research, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, and communication. while also exposing them to content areas like physics, biology, geography, mathematics, science, electronics, and mechanical engineering.”

– Ineke Pretorius

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