Primary-school Syllabus

Stimu-Zone is one of the most unique, exciting concepts in the history of Computer-Assisted Education. We follow a unique, winning combination of Computer Literacy and Education.

The emphasis is now being placed on syllabus-directed topics focusing on remedial education and enrichment. READING & MATHEMATICAL SOFTWARE – building on confidence in current technology. All our software is being upgraded regularly.

Education and training improves access to employment opportunities and helps to sustain and accelerate overall development. It expands the range of options available from which a person can choose to create opportunities for a fulfilling life.

Through indirect positive effects on health and life expectancy, the level of
education of a population also influences its welfare. Selected indicators affecting the education and skill levels in communities are literacy and access to technology training facilities in the required areas. The number of no fee schools in the city also gives a sense of the extent to which the Department of Education has identified and prioritized support to households who are unable to make a financial contribution towards the cost of education.

Our company will adjust the fees according to affordability of your parents and school.

Stimu-Zone lessons are created using the Primary School Caps Syllabus of the Department of Education. When the learners are busy in class with a specified topic, they will do the same topic in the Stimu-Zone class helping with revision.

The Platinum Series (CAPS Handbooks) is currently being used by a majority of South African schools. Though there are schools using different distributors, the lesson content and outcomes primarily stays the same.

The educational programs were carefully developed and compiled by practising experts, teachers and lecturers. These programs are based on a scientifical evaluation of each learner’s needs. Our programs allow each learner to work and progress at his/her own pace. The programs offer different levels of difficulty, thereby catering for all learners.

Our programs enable the teacher to inform the parent on the progress of their child according to the following estimates:

  • What exercise has been done
  • The time spent thereon
  • The marks achieved in the specific exercise

The educational standard at your school could be increased through additional Computer Based Education. Thorough planning, knowledge of the software programs, time and lesson structures are being required. If this is a need at your school, Computer Literacy and Computer Based Education is a must…..

The answer to your school’s needs:

  • Expertise to fulfil in the needs of your school
  • Carefully planned and structured educational programs and lesson structures
  • Well trained personnel who were selected for their computer literacy, as well as teaching skills
  • Individual attention
  • Software programs to cater for all learners determined by their level of development


To empower our youth to learn, lead and create with technology, preparing them with skills essential for their academic and career success.


  • Save Time! Everything is Done for You!
  • Discover the benefits of using the Primary technology syllabus with your students.
  • Detailed instructions are easy to follow
  • Primary students enjoy the fun activities
  • Everything you need to teach is included
  • Activities integrate technology into curriculum
  • Actively engage your students in learning
  • Foster self-confidence in your students
  • Capitalize on children’s natural curiosity to learn
  • Provide a foundation for future learning
  • Develop fundamental computer skills
  • Activities are based on real-world task

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